Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Trials & tribulations of Sarah

Coming through the front door, he was met with utter chaos. Every room he went into seemed to be cluttered. He had no idea how one woman could make so much mess. He heard her call out to him from the bedroom:
"Hi honey, sorry about the mess I'll clean it up later"
He sighed wearily, everything was later with her. He went into the kitchen. The sink filled with numerous cups and the oven empty. Nothing new here then! he said to himself. God he was getting so tired of this. He just wanted to come home, to a relatively tidy home, eat his dinner and cuddle up to his girlfriend on the sofa. They'd only been living together for 3 months and as much as he loved her he knew he could not put up with this any longer. Whenever he had tried to broach the subject before, her anger always got the better of her and he just let it go. She was a hopeless home-maker, a financial nightmare and a right bitch most times. She was completely lacking in any discipline and this was something he intended to remedy.
He walked into their bedroom 5 minutes later. She was sat at her PC, as usual. She smiled lovingly up at him waiting for his usual kiss but, he strode right passed her.
"What's wrong?"
"You need to ask?" he said, gesturing toward her strewn clothes all around him.
"Oh not this again! You knew what I was like before I moved in"
"Yes I did, but you promised you would at least make an effort. I'm not asking for much I know you work hard, we both do. But this has gone on for too long and I'm not prepared to let it go on any longer. Either you stick to the agreements we both made or?" She glared at him angrily..
"Or what!!" she snapped.
He folded his arms and looked at her sternly.
"Or I will be forced to introduce some good old fashioned discipline into your life"
She laughed then. 

This is a Sample of a Five Part Story Entitled:
The Trials And Tribulations Of Sarah!!
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