Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Iron Maiden

A Medieval Romance set during the reign of 
Henry 1st King of England 1100 - 1135
Elise paced up and down the stables wondering what on earth could be keeping him so long. She had been foolish to trust in him, but she had not had much choice. Even she would not be so foolhardy as to venture outside the safety of the castle, unescorted, late at night. Her anger was returning and her sanity waning even further as she ordered the groom to saddle up her horse. She would leave for, Rose-mead without Sir Simon's help, she told herself determinedly. She had only just mounted her palfrey when a dark shadow loomed before her.
"Going somewhere, my lady?" She looked down to find, Lord Rydark glaring up at her, furiously. Damn that bloody knight! She thought angrily.
"Thou would be wise to let me pass, for I would take great pleasure in seeing thee trampled to the ground." She warned, with relish.
Rydark laughed at her warning and proceeded to move forward toward her. Elise made to charge him, but he was too quick for her. Stepping aside he grabbed at the palfreys reigns, causing it to rear up in protest. Elise hung on for dear life as she waited for the palfrey to calm. Then she rounded on, Lord Rydark, hitting him, sharply across his cheek with her horse whip. Furiously he reached up and grabbed the whip from her hand, roughly. Elise lost her balance in the struggle and was sent hurtling to the ground with a thud. She lay on the ground winded, but unhurt.
Rydark towered over her, dangerously with whip in hand.
"I would be well within my rights if I were to use this on thee!" Elise glared up at him.
"thou dares to touch me with that and I will go straight to the king!"
Rydark raised his eyebrow, mockingly:
"Thou think the king would side with thee over me?" He laughed. "I doubt that very much. Especially when he hears of how thee tried to run away. Thou could find thyself being whipped a second time for thine insolence!"
"I was not running away!" She lied, through clenched teeth. Rydark smiled, wickedly down at her.
"Thou forget, my lady I have, Sir Simon as my witness." Elise was furious. With, Sir Simon's testimony the king would be certain to side with him. He had her in the palm of his hand and he knew it. He could take her out there and whip her for all to see and no one would come to her aid, not when they learnt from, Sir Simon of how she had been caught trying to escape her fate. She looked up at him with loathing.
"I hate thee!!" she spat.
Rydark had no intention of using the whip on her, but he did intend to use the threat of it as a means to gaining her obedience. He had not relished the thought of having his bride, dragged to the alter kicking and screaming.
"I could be persuaded to forget this little incident ever took place. No one need ever know, especially not the king." Elise eyed him warily. Was he playing some sort of trick? Scathingly she said:
"What is it thou wants from me?"
"I want thee to swear there shall be no more attempts like this one. Also thou will accept and comply with the kings wishes regarding our marriage." Elise looked a little uncertain.
"If I swear to this thou will not inform the king?" Rydark assured her by shaking his head in answer. She looked at the whip he held firmly in his grasp. "Doth thou still intend to use that!" Rydark found it difficult not to smile smugly, he had her right where he wanted her.
"Not if thou comes to me as an agreeable bride." Elise thought over his proposals, carefully. There was no doubt in her mind, he would use the whip on her if she failed to give him the answer he wanted. Any man who could force himself upon another woman, would certainly have no qualms when it came to flogging one, she thought with a shudder.
"Very well, lord Rydark it is so sworn." Even as she heard herself agree to his terms she still could not believe she would become his wife on the morrow.

I am in the process of a complete rewrite of this Novel which was the 1st I ever wrote, long before KLS.
It isn't strictly a Spanking Novel though it does contain some Spanking scenes. It is, however, a story of a proud & fiesty woman who is overcome by her Lord & Master.
It will be published as 3 books. Book One now available for download on kindle.

Monday, 10 September 2012

His Guiding Hand

A shaft of moonlight broke through the parted curtains, illuminating the naked couple laying on the bed. The woman lay with her head upon her lovers chest. His arm was placed, protectively around her body, his hand, placed firmly against the reddened flesh of his recent spanking of her. She looked calm, peaceful, though her stained face made it so obvious she had recently been crying. The smile on her lips whispered of her contentment.

When my husband first told me he was going to spank me I thought he was suggesting we play some kinky, sexual game. Now, 3 years on, I know different.
It all began 3 months into our marriage. We were arguing, daily, with the arguments becoming more heated and almost violent, on my part. The trouble was we were both just too dominant. I liked to get my own way and when he would refuse to give in, I would lose my temper then the arguments would begin. I remember I used to swear, horrifically back then. Nowadays I wouldn’t dare to swear at him.
On this particular day, a day which changed our lives completely, we had had a very heated argument in the morning. I said a lot of things which I later regretted. So to try to make amends I prepared a romantic meal for his coming home that evening, and I had already decided that we needed to make some changes in our life. Or rather, I needed to change my attitude somewhat. I had my speech all planned out, and after dinner I began with the apology and moved onto the bit about, ‘I know I need to change, Richard’ when he hit me with ‘You had better change, Ellie or this marriage is over!’
I remember I sat there staring at him, dumbfounded.
Are you serious?”
Your damn right I am serious! I thought I was marrying a woman! Not a child!”
I lowered my head, feeling guilty, as I knew my behaviour had been rather childish of late. The silence which followed was almost deafening. I looked up to find him glaring at me. 

Now Available for Download on Kindle 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Victoriana ~ It Shouldn't Happen to a Lady

Lady Cunningham was a beautiful woman coming into the prime of her life. She had met and married her husband 18yrs ago at the age of 18. Or rather, her father had met and arranged for her to marry her husband. Although a battle in the early days she had soon come to love and respect her handsome young husband. Like her father, Albert Cunningham had used physical punishment's to gain her obedience. In those early days she had rebelled at every opportunity she could and had received many, very sound thrashing's for having done so. Albert often used humiliation too. Forcing her to remove her clothing and stand, naked before him, legs wide apart, before commanding she bend over the back of a chair. His riding crop was his favourite implement. He would taunt her with it first. Placing it between her legs, gliding it upwards inside the cheeks of her buttock's then lifting it high and bringing it down upon her bottom with such force, her legs often buckled at the knee's. He would make her count them out too. 1............2...............3............4..............5............6.............7..............8
He would stop at 8, giving her false hope that her punishment was at an end.

This is a Sample of a Victorian Saga
It Shouldn't Happen to a Lady
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The Trials & tribulations of Sarah

Coming through the front door, he was met with utter chaos. Every room he went into seemed to be cluttered. He had no idea how one woman could make so much mess. He heard her call out to him from the bedroom:
"Hi honey, sorry about the mess I'll clean it up later"
He sighed wearily, everything was later with her. He went into the kitchen. The sink filled with numerous cups and the oven empty. Nothing new here then! he said to himself. God he was getting so tired of this. He just wanted to come home, to a relatively tidy home, eat his dinner and cuddle up to his girlfriend on the sofa. They'd only been living together for 3 months and as much as he loved her he knew he could not put up with this any longer. Whenever he had tried to broach the subject before, her anger always got the better of her and he just let it go. She was a hopeless home-maker, a financial nightmare and a right bitch most times. She was completely lacking in any discipline and this was something he intended to remedy.
He walked into their bedroom 5 minutes later. She was sat at her PC, as usual. She smiled lovingly up at him waiting for his usual kiss but, he strode right passed her.
"What's wrong?"
"You need to ask?" he said, gesturing toward her strewn clothes all around him.
"Oh not this again! You knew what I was like before I moved in"
"Yes I did, but you promised you would at least make an effort. I'm not asking for much I know you work hard, we both do. But this has gone on for too long and I'm not prepared to let it go on any longer. Either you stick to the agreements we both made or?" She glared at him angrily..
"Or what!!" she snapped.
He folded his arms and looked at her sternly.
"Or I will be forced to introduce some good old fashioned discipline into your life"
She laughed then. 

This is a Sample of a Five Part Story Entitled:
The Trials And Tribulations Of Sarah!!
Now Available on Kindle